• Residential

    Our company strives to assure that our clients are completely satisfied with their products. As a result, we offer completely custom options at incredibly affordable prices.

    District 95 offers the best in quality, design and price.

  • Commercial

    We use high quality original materials to manufacture a wide range of custom cabinets to fit classic or modern designed kitchens.

    Our custom designs allow you to turn your unique concept into a memorable living experience.

  • Hospitality-Sector

    The quality of our Cabinets, the technical advantages and manufacturing experience we bring to your project guarantees you the best possible product and finish.

    Our extensive range of options allow for the most unique, modern and cost efficient kitchens on the market today. Our factory has extensive experience in manufacturing and is able to offer the finest quality at the lowest possible price.

  • Multi Family Sector

    Our products are guaranteed against defective workmanship, discoloration, and excessive twist under the provision that the products have received proper care.

    This warranty does not apply to products subjected to improper care by exposure to excessive heat, cold, or humidity, poor finish application, or incorrect installation.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed!